As we move towards acquiring Developed Nation Status, it is essential that in forging ahead to achieve the necessary benchmarks, we do not forget to continue developing and enhancing our existing infrastructure.

Just as new Standards and Codes are being written for the Building Industry, existing Standards, Guides and Codes have to be reviewed to catch up with changing trends, technology and knowledge.
The effort by The Institution of Fire Engineers (UK) Malaysia Branch and the Fire and Rescue Department in updating the 2 nd Edition of “Guide to Fire Protection in Malaysia” is commendable, taken into consideration the time and effort contributed by all authors, officers and the fire safety engineering professionals over the last few years.
Among the changes are - Chapters 15 on Smoke Control System that has been updated with the publication of the latest Malaysian Standards 1780; entire Passive Fire Protection System chapter illustrations has been upgraded from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional diagrams for ease of understanding; Active Fire Protection System chapter 5 on Portable Fire Extinguishers had been rewritten with the introduction of Performance Based Malaysian Standard 1539.
The “Guide to Fire Protection in Malaysia” entails design concepts, standard and code, guidelines, charts, diagrams and illustrations, system check list, testing and commissioning check lists which are very comprehensive for any fire safety engineering professionals, fire officers and industrial players. This will serve as a common platform for all fire industry practitioners to obtain a common understanding and interpretation of the Uniform Building By-laws.
Hence, I will like to congratulate and thank all parties concerned for their meticulous effort in making it possible the publication of the 2 nd edition of “Guide to Fire Protection in Malaysia ”. Special credit should go to Yang Berbahagia (Professor) Datuk (Dr.) Soh Chai Hock (Hon. FIFireE) for initiating this project and the Chief Editor for the first edition of “Guide to Fire Protection to Malaysia ”
I will like to express my sincere gratitude to Yang Berhormat Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting, Minister of Housing and Local Government, who has been instrumental and supportive of Fire and Rescue Department's mission in pursuing world class excellence not only in fire and rescue operation but also in the forward direction of fire safety engineering field of technical studies and applications.
YAS Dato Hamzah bin abu Bakar
Director General of Fire Rescue Deparment Malaysia
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