The engineering profession in the United Kingdom is regulated by the Engineering Council through engineering institutions that are licensed to put suitably qualified persons on the Engineering Council's Register of Engineers. The Register has three sections:

  • Chartered Engineer
  • Incorporated Engineer
  • Engineering Technician

The IFE is a licensed member of the Engineering Council and can register those members that meet the necessary criteria as Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) or Engineering Technicians (EngTech).

Applicants for registration are required to satisfy the competence standards set by Engineering Council and laid down in UK-SPEC (UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence). Interim registration is also possible for applicants who have met the educational standards for registration but who have not yet gained the experience to satisfy the professional competences for full registration.

There are two routes to membership. The Standard route (for applicants with exemplifying qualifications as defined by Engineering Council and the Individual Route (for all other applicants). The route that an Applicant will follow will be identified after receipt of his/her application.

Registration and annual fees are collected by the IFE annually on behalf of the Engineering Council and, following receipt of the initial registration fee, the applicant's details are added to the relevant section of the Engineering Council register. Following this, registrants are provided with a registration number by the Engineering Council.

Benefits of Membership and Engineering Council Registration:

  • It identifies you as having competences that employers value;
  • It indicates that your competence, and your commitment to professionalism, have been assessed by other engineering professionals;
  • It demonstrates that your competence may be compared with standards applicable in other parts of the world;
  • It confirms that your commitment to professionalism is underwritten by the support of a national engineering institution licensed by the Engineering Council.

How do I apply?

To be registered with the Engineering Council you must be in current membership of the IFE. If you are not in membership at the time of your EC application then your application will be considered for IFE membership concurrently. Please click here for details of the various grades of IFE membership. Applicants who successfully apply for registration and who are not existing members at the appropriate level will be awarded the following IFE grades:

  • CEng and IEng registrants will be granted membership at Member (MIFireE) level
  • Interim registrants will be granted membership at Associate (AIFireE) level
  • EngTech registrants will be granted membership at either Technician (TIFireE) or Graduate (GIFireE) level.

Please click on the links below to view 2010 fees, rules of the IFE Registrants Group and IFE Code of Conduct

Subscriptions for 2010 have not been increased but have been frozen at the 2009 rate.

  • 2010 Schedule of Fees and Annual Subscriptions
  • 2010 Rules of the IFE Registrants Group (IFERG)
  • IFE Code of Conduct
  • Applicants are requested to read carefully the Rules of the IFE Registrants Group and 2010 fees and annual subscription before submitting their application.

    Please download the appropriate application forms and guidance.

    Chartered Engineer (CEng)

  • CEng Application Form
  • IPD Objectives for CEng
  • PRR & Interview Guidance for CEng
  • Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

  • IEng Application Form
  • IPD Objectives for IEng
  • PRR & Interview Guidance for IEng
  • Interim Registrant for Chartered Engineer

  • IEng Application Form
  • Interim Registrant for Incorporated Engineer

  • Interim IEng Application Form
  • Engineering Technician (EngTech)

    There are 3 pathways to becoming an Engineering Technician. To find out which is best for you and download an application form, take our online EngTech Self Assessment.

    Information regarding an applicant's ability to appeal a membership application is contained in the

  • Appeals Procedure
  • For more information about registration and the Engineering Council, please refer to the Engineering Council website

    If you have any further queries please go to the Contacts and select the appropriate contact for your query.

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