Candidates applying to take examinations are asked to state their preferred examination centre. Although the Institution cannot guarantee that candidates will be matched with their preferred centre, we will do our best to respond positively to each request.

All applications will be acknowledged in writing soon after they are received.

A list of current examination centres can be found on the application form. Click here to download an application form.

This list is advisory rather than exhaustive and it may be possible to accommodate candidates at exam centres that do not feature on the list.

Please note that the IFE will always respond positively to candidates' requests to take examinations at a centre that is convenient for them and candidates should make enquiries to the Examinations Office if their country or their region does not appear on the list of exam centres found on page 3 of the application form. Sometimes, however, no convenient centre can be arranged or it can only be organised at extra cost to the candidates themselves.

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