Examination Fees in 2013

The Institution is keen to reflect in its pricing the progressive nature of the Institution's examination structure and to encourage candidates to aspire to achieving a recognised qualification, by sitting the required papers at each level.

Following the restructuring of exam fees, for 2013 and beyond, it is anticipated that any annual increase will be very small and in keeping with the usual rate of inflation increase applied to membership subscriptions.

IFE Level 2 Certificate:
IFE Level 3 Certificate:

RM120.00 per paper
RM330.00 for all four level 3 certificate papers

IFE Level 3 Diploma:

RM310.00 per paper

RM750.00 for candidates sitting 4 papers (1 mandatory plus 3 optional)

IFE Level 4 Certificate:

RM370.00 per paper

RM900.00 for candidates sitting 4 papers (2 mandatory plus 2 optional)

Examination fees are non refundable and application forms received without payment will not be processed. Information on how examinations may be deferred to up to one year may be found on the FAQ page.

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